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Vi-M Partners with Sage Software as Certified Advisor on its Business Software Solutions

Professional Solutions

From business positioning strategies to end to end back office finance, business process improvement and talent management support, to the perfect tax effective structure for your line of business, we seek to provide a soft sail through the ever changing fiscal terrain of the growing Nigerian economy.

Business and Technology

Since Information Technology drives modern businesses, we bring you powerful technology based innovations and solutions to ease you through specific business challenges.

Insights and Strategy

Our team of writers also ensure you keep abreast of the latest news and discussions around fiscal issues within the economy by sending you frequents newsletters and alerts and creating a forum for insights and discussions among like minds on our blogs.

Strategy is nothing without execution


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We aim to develop productivity and innovation

Tax Law Book

Tax Law Book is a compilation of all the Nigerian Tax related laws and regulations (as amended to date) designed in a very user friendly, easy to read, easy to navigate, easy to interpret and understand format. There are 24 laws in all.

*Due to Google's forex policy, please you can only purchase this app currently, with a dollar denominated card*)

Vi-M Tax Assist

You can now know all about your taxes, compute your Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Tax (WHT), run your payroll and compute Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) tax/pension deductions every month for free on Tax Assist is a web based software that not only calculates and helps remit taxes, but teaches and helps business/finance persons find out how these taxes work; the very first of its kind in Nigeria.

Sage Business Software

We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Sage Software Nigeria as Certified Advisor on its software solutions.

Our partnership with Sage covers the wide range of Sage's business software solutions, catering for your business needs regardless of its size. These include solutions for Start-Up and Small Businesses (SSB), Scale-up or Mid Sized Businesses, and Enterprise Solutions

Tax Discourse

The Tax Discourse series is an initiative of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), which is intended to serve as a tax technical platform for building tax knowledge and enhancing awareness of basic tax issues among taxpayers. Vi-M Professional Solutions is the official partner to FIRS on the Tax Discourse Series, and the first ever private firm to be engaged to publish technical articles in collaboration with FIRS.

Vi-M TAS Cover

Vi-M TAS Cover provides cover for every subscribing business on its tax and accounting requirements. Our seasoned and professional accountants articulate and provide all the accountant needs of subscribing small businesses at very discounted fees and save their owners the high cost of hiring good in-house accountants, and supporting external consultants.

Vi-M Business Academy

Through the Vi-M Business Academy, Vi-M provides continuous training on business, finance, tax, innovation, marketing, people  and entrepreneurship skills. The training fees are affordable, and the training sessions are flexible to accommodate the timing of the trainee. Our business academy training sessions are also very insightful and quality packed and all previous attendees have given testimony to this fact.

Vi-M Business Assist

Vi-M's Business Assist, is our collection of phased business solutions, designed to assist businesses through their different life cycles- from start-up to growth, and to expansion. Our Business Assist collection includes: Start-up Assist, Post Start-up Assist, Growing Business Assist, Talent Assist and Expanding Business Plan.

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Vi-M Start-Up Assist

In recognition of the challenges often encountered in giving a live structure to a new business idea, and actually taking it off the ground as a new business, Vi-M Start-Up Assist is designed to support start-up businesses in putting a structure around their business ideas, and in starting up a properly planned business.

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Vi-M Start-Up Assist Plus

Vi-M Start-Up Assist Plus, is designed to cater to the needs of foreigners seeking to establish local businesses in Nigeria. From incorporation to seeking regulatory approvals, tax incentives, complying with all regulatory requirements, to setting up a properly planned business structure, making the process a seamless one.

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Vi-M Post Start-Up Assist

Swarmed in the struggle to stabilize a new business venture, it is our experience that many new business owners often leave most of the administrative necessities of the new businesses unattended to. Vi-M's Post Start-Up Assist is designed to support businesses within their first three years of operation, in putting a proper structure around the administrative and regulatory needs of their businesses.

Growing Business Assist

Every growing business with a long term growth and expansion plan, requires the support of professional advisors at some point, to assist optimize certain aspects of its business. Growing Business Assist is a product of Vi-M Professional Solutions which articulates and supports businesses in complying with all their statutory tax, accounting and audit requirements.

Vi-M Talent Assist

With our proven track record in identifying, training and managing quality employees, we, at Vi-M Professional Solutions, through our Talent Assist, provide support to talents and business organisations in everything regarding human capital management, with the goal of making our individual clients and business organisations even more successful.

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